André Simão – Batuque: A Panorama of the Modern Guitar Music from Brazil

Year: 2018

Label: Ears Love Music (Germany)

Repertoire: PAULO BELLINATI (b.1950): Emboscada. MARCO PEREIRA (b.1950): O Choro de Juliana/ Baião Cansado/ Rapsódia dos Malacos*. ALBERTO MEJIA (b.1959): Dois Lugares*. RONALDO MIRANDA (b.1948): Appassionata. JOÃO LUIZ (b.1979): Batuque*. SÉRGIO ASSAD (b.1952):  Seis Brevidades. P. BELLINATI: Embaixador/ Jongo.

*World Première Recording

Total Time: 56:41

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André Simão – Recital

Year: 2007

Label: independent

Repertoire: S.L.WEISS (1686-1750): Overture/Alternatum/Courente Royale. A.TANSMAN (1897-1986): Cavatina. C.GUERRA-PEIXE (1914-1993): Suíte para Guitarra. R.GNATTALI (1906-1988): 6 Estudos. M.GIULIANI: Rossiniana nr.6, opus 124.

Total Time: 59:05

“Everybody knows that there are many top guitarrists in Brazil, but the majority of them are not pure classic guitarrists, with some exceptions, such as the Duo Assad. André Simão is Brazilian and he is a classic guitarrist. This CD, which is his first, proves that he is a soloist of international format. The 17 titles of this potpourri programe from Weiss to Giuliani and his fellow countryman Gnatalli  indicate that he has a brilliant technique, a rich sound and a very good taste.  His interpretation of Tasman’s Cavatina shows us how this Suite should always be given to the listener. It’s great!  But the real top points are the Suite para Guitarra whose author, César Guerra-Peixe, is not well known outside Brazil, and the etudes by the famous Radamés Gnatalli which are also rarely performed.  The Suite para Guitarra hadn’t had any alternative recording up to now and this fact increases considerably the value of this current album. Andre’s sensitive performance gives this piece the right sonority. Gnatalli’s etudes are, on the other side, enriched by the performer’s sense of humour as well as technical assurance which show that this debut is definitely a success.” – Akustik Gitarre Magazine, Germany, May 2008.

“This CD confirms the Brazilian tradition of producing outstanding guitarists”. – (Revista Concerto Magazine, 2007, about the release this CD)

“André Simão is a serious guitarist with great musical sensibility and whose career I have been following with much interest for several years. His first CD solo immediately calls our attention for the splendid recording quality which was carried out by Ricardo Marui at Santa Cruz Church in Redenção da Serra (Brazil), a place  which is bound to become a pilgrimage site for guitarists due to its generous and welcoming acoustic.Andre Simão’s polyphonic and well worked sonority together with a careful musical interpretation can therefore be completely savored in each one its tracks.” (Sérgio Abreu, brazilian guitarist and luthier)

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CD Furnas Geração Musical

Year: 2005

Label: Sony DADC Brasil

Repertoire: André Simão`s participation in two tracks: F. MIGNONE (1897-1986): Valsa nr.8 and Estudo nr.6

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Quarteto Ibirá

André Simão, João Francisco, Luciano César Morais und Luiz Roberto Botosso.

Year: 2004

Label: independent

Repertoire: J.S.BACH (1685-1750): The Art of the Fugue: Contrapunctus 3 und 4 (Transcription: André Simão). J.HAYDN (1732-1809): String Quartet, opus 76, nr.1 (Transcription: André Simão). F.MORENO-TORROBA (1891-1981): Ráfagas. R.GNATTALI (1906-1988): Quatro Movimentos Dançantes.

Total Time: 58:12

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